Bookkeeping is just as essential to your success.

It helps you track your business assets, income, liabilities, and expenses. The insights from bookkeeping are just as invaluable in your decision-making process. So as much as possible, you need to have the highest quality bookkeeping services.

Your business is unique. Whether you are a tech startup, a construction company, or a retail store, at Posted we know what it is like to operate on a small business budget — we have been there.

That is why we have tailored our services to meet all your needs while staying within your budget.

We offer customizable bookkeeping services for small businesses so that you only pay for the services you need. Choose from:

  • Transaction recording
  • Income statement preparation
  • Balance sheet preparation

We also offer catchup bookkeeping services where needed in case of transition from one accounting software to another, or just because biz-life happened, and things fell behind.

Our bookkeeping services for small businesses will eliminate the time management burden and save you over half the cost of having an in-house accounting staff.

Your dedicated bookkeeping team will deliver accurate, reliable, and detailed orientated financial information you can use to grow your business faster, smarter, and consistently.