About Us

About us

Posted, LLC was started with small to medium- sized businesses in mind. For many startups, priority is gaining a foothold and market share, while keeping expenses in check.

That’s where we come in. We love numbers, and always maintain that numbers tell a story. We keep your transactions current and provide timely reports to give you the information you need to keep track of business performance. We will tell the story of your business through numbers.

As the saying goes, you cannot improve on what you are not tracking. We will give you detailed analysis of your business, all the while staying focused on the big picture, and keeping you out of the weeds.

We have embraced technology to keep our processes real-time and ensure we are available when needed. So, whether you are in need of accounting, or revenue cycle management, you came to the right place. See what our clients have to say.

Our mission

We’re part of the nation’s largest network of Accounting & Controller Services and Medical Revenue Management. We specialize in practice management, revenue cycle optimization, and private practice business support.

  • Medical billing is very difficult unless you outsource... to do it in the office would take a lot more time and money. It has allowed me to get better reimbursement on my claims because I have an entire billing company behind me to check claims and follow up on them. iClaim is a wonderful online ...
    Donna C.
  • My billing was horribly tedious and very time consuming... when I outsourced my billing, I was able to give my headache away. With iClaim, I can track what's happening with each and every claim, online 24/7 at my convenience.
    Asli C.
  • In this day and age with all the complexities of medical billing, I can't imagine doing it any other way (billing in-house) at this point. A good Physician has to decide when to delegate responsibility.
    Johnny W.
  • Outsourcing my billing has allowed me to spend more time taking care of patients while not worrying about the headaches and the regulations that go along with it.
    Kevin T.
  • No doctor wants to deal with insurance companies or with patients who won't or can't pay. Outsourcing my billing takes me away from worrying about billing my patients and lets me concentrate on our main focus; practicing medicine.
    Keyvan K.